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Want to get


Here at Origen Cacao and EcoResort we are always looking for like-minded, hard-working individuals to intern with us. Do you fit the bill?

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Who are we

looking for?


Origen Cacao and EcoResort counts on great interns to keep this project growing. We are always looking for qualified and willing volunteers to spend a few months with us here at the finca. You will support daily activities that keep our retreats and factory running, allowing you endless opportunities to learn through your experience and hands-on participation, and the opportunity to share your knowledge with others. Interns help maintain our chocolate factory, gardens, and eco-tourist facilities, while contributing to the culture of community living and retreat experience for our visitors.

We are seeking interns who are ready to experience living sustainably, ready to help us build this community. You can choose to focus on bean-to-bar chocolate making, on retreats and sacred medicine, or both.

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What do you



While interning with us, you will receive shared accommodation here on our beautiful farm. During retreats, you may have to move temporarily, based on attendance. Food is only included during retreats, and is subject to availability. Your participation in ceremony is also included if you desire. We have satellite internet here, but our bandwidth is very limited, so there is no live streaming or downloads!

All interns asked to contribute $125 USD per month towards the bills and property maintenance.

We require a minimum commitment of 3 months from our interns as we feel this is the minimum amount of time required to take away any knowledge or experience.

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All interns are expected to also help as needed throughout the farm, with the gardens, animals, maintenance, social media and marketing or cooking. Three hours of English lessons per week for the kids are required.

Our mission here on the farm is to be the best humans we can be. To treat each other with kindness, work hard, share and learn and love more. We work with many different indigenous tribes, and our work helps in countless ways.

You should be ready to jump in and get your hands dirty! We love those that come with skills and life knowledge. Interns work 30 hours per week. We don’t have a particular schedule, and no one is going to follow you around to make sure you do what you are supposed to do. It’s up to you to be responsible.

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