100% Organic Ceremonial Cacao


This is raw cacao powder,  dissolvable in hot liquid.

Ceremonial Cacao is an ancient spiritual medicine prepared from the cacao bean, the seed of the sweet fruit of the cacao tree.

Our 100% organic ceremonial grade cacao is made through a process of fermenting and then sun-drying or lightly toasting the beans. The beans are then de-husked and stone ground into a paste, nothing added, nothing removed. This is important as it means the bean’s natural fat remains, helping to balance its stimulating effects and make it easier for your body to absorb it over time.

Although ceremonial cacao can be bought in powdered form, this is cacao in its pure, traditional form, used by ancient civilizations and cultures in ceremonies for generations.


  • This ceremonial cacao is 100% pure organic cacao. From the bean to the block you receive, this cacao has been blessed with the pure intentions and spirit of the Tribu Arhuaco. Cacao has been used in ceremony for centuries. It is known not only as a powerful heart opener, opening not only the flow of blood throughout your body, helping to facilitate a deep emotional connection. This connection is to those around you, your intimate relationships, & your own personal connection to your emotions


  • Your connection to the cacao medicine can help bring deep self love and transformation through your heart chakra. For a ceremonial drink, please grate 1 oz of chocolate into 4 ounces of water and cook until well blended. We suggest a small amount of honey. Use during ceremony, meditation or your yoga practice to connect to heart. You can also use this cacao for drinking chocolate, smoothies, or making your own sugar free or keto friendly chocolates.


  • Ceremonial Cacao from Origen Cacao is sourced directly from the Arhuaca tribe of the Sierra Nevada Colombia. This cacao is grown on ancestral land, organically, just as it has been for centuries. It is grown alongside other medicinal plants, and infused with the spirit of the tribe that grows it. The Arhuaca believe that they can share the knowledge and teachings of their ancestors through their crops, that you, while drinking this cacao, can tap into their history and their “pensamientos”.


  • Cacao with pure intentions. After the cacao pods are hand harvested, the beans are then fermented according to traditions. This fermentation starts a transformation to develop the rich and complex chocolatey flavor, and when complete the beans are sun dried. The cacao is then sent to our factory and farm near Medellin where it is roasted to perfection, hand sorted, and prepared like our fine chocolate. Please note, this is 100% pure cacao and contains no sugar. It may be bitter.


  • Please note, this cacao is in a granulated form, not a block or a typical cocoa powder, and will melt during the warmer months. Origen Cacao has been making organic bean to bar chocolate in Colombia since 2015. We believe that cacao is a sacred medicine, and so much more than just chocolate. We believe in helping the tribes and small farmers here in Colombia, and pay more than the market rate for cacao. We hope to inspire you with the exotic flavors stories each cacao has.

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