Origen 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao | 16 Oz Ceremonial Grade Cacao – Granulated Form | Sugar Free- Anti Oxidant SuperFood | Ancient Indigenous Drink from the Arhuaco Tribe | Cacao Ceremonies


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  • [Enrich Your Heart with Grounding Power of Cacao]: Cacao is an ancient plant superfood enjoyed as a soul-lifting elixir in spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years. The art of cultivating Cacao has been protected generation-by-generation among the indigenous tribes for thousands of years. Known as a powerful heart opener- also opening the blood flow, it facilitates a profound emotional connection to bring deep self love and transformation through your heart chakra.
  • [100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao]: Made of finest criollo cacao beans grown with pure spiritual intentions in the lush green mountains of the Sierra Nevada -Origen Ceremonial Cacao is a true gift to the world by the tribe Arhuaco in Colombia. Naturally cultivated on their ancestral land according to tradtional permaculture techniques, this Ceremonial Grade Cacao is grown alongside other medicinal plants, and infused with the spirit of the tribe that grows it.
  • [Prepared with Wisdom of Time-Old Traditions] : After the cacao pods are hand harvested, the beans are then fermented which develops the rich and complex irresistible chocolatey flavor and delightful aroma. After being sun-dried the beans are sent to our farm where we hand sort the beans, roast lightly, hand sort, and then grind the beans in stone grinders into chocolate. From there, we grate the cacao for easy ceremonial use, beverages, keto chocolate-making, baking etc.
  • [Healthiest Substitute for Cocoa Powder, Coffee and Tea]: Containing 126% more Iron,149% more Magnesium and 136% more Potassium along with a whole plethora of antioxidants and super-nutrients, Origen Ceremonial Cacao is a natural Full Fat, Zero-Sugar, Low Caffeine alternative to highly processed, artificial additives containing cocoa powder and sugary/caffeinated drinks.
  • [As Ceremonial Drink]: For a ceremonial drink, please add 1 oz of chocolate into 4 ounces of water and cook until well blended. We suggest a small amount of honey. Please note, this is 100% pure cacao and contains no sugar. It may be bitter. It is not defatted, containing naturally more than 50% cocoa butter. This cacao is in a granulated form, not a block or a typical cocoa powder, and it will melt during the warmer months. This does not affect the taste or function of the cacao.

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