Origen Cacao Husk Tea | 100% Natural Zero Sugar, Caffeine-Free Cacao Shell Tea | Refreshing Coffee Alternative | Irresistibly Delicious Cacao Superfood


29 in stock

29 in stock


  • [The Best Natural Super-Food in Town]: Containing 40 TIMES the antioxidants as blueberries! Origen Cacao Husk Tea is also the highest plant-based source of Iron! Naturally sugar-free with zero calories this mind-blowingly blissful chocolate beverage is a powerful health booster, rich in minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins and feel good brain chemicals. Healthy never tasted so delicious before.
  • [Healthy. Delicious. Aunthentic | Nature’s Most Precious Gift]: Origen Cacao Tea (aka chocolate tea) is made from husks of Cacao nibs grown with pure love in rich mountain soils of Sierra Neveda. Crafted with ancient permaculture practices, grown and processed without chemicals.
  • [Experiencing Chocolate | The Healthy Way]: An ancient traditional drink passed on as a gift from the centuries old Mayan Civilization, Cacao Tea is one of the world’s best kept secrets with the rich flavor and irresistible aroma of chocolate. Welcome to an immensely chocolatey yet light, guilt-free world of pleasure you never knew you craved for.
  • [Wonderful Pick-Me-Up Drink] Say goodbye to caffeine crashes forever! Leverage the power of this theobromine chocolate tea for a long-lasting energy boost that adds more color to your day. Thanks to its mood-boosting natural flavonoids and antioxidants, Origen Cacao Tea makes for a perfect caffeine-free, zero-calorie drink that restores your energy on long days.
  • [Why You’ll Love Us]: Our mission at Origen Cacao is to support healthy bodies, healthy souls and the community. Our products are made from only the finest of nature’s gifts, crafted with love using the traditional methods of ancient indigenous tribes. To bring you the best of cacao experience, we go beyond fair trade and build lasting relationships with our growers.

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