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This powerful Ceremonial Cacao is grown in Putumayo, a diverse and beautiful region bordering the Amazon. Lush with jungle and teeming with wildlife, the people of Putumayo have long been the caretakers of the most sacred of medicines. The lands where this cacao is grown belong to the Siona, Kofan, and Inga peoples, and their traditions have protected the ancestral knowledge and the medicines for centuries. Connect with the spirit of the jungle in your daily rituals, or share in community, this cacao activates our awareness of our unbreakable connection to the great mother earth.

Long before cacao was cultivated and spread throughout the world, the indigenous folks of the Amazon discovered the fruit from a small bush- cacao. The tribes learned to utilize cacao, and started trading and sharing via canoes. Eventually, cacao made its way to the Gulf of Mexico and traveled the entire world.

Nestled deep within the lush landscapes of the Amazon rainforest, the tribes of Putumayo have managed to preserve their unique way of life despite the encroachment of modern civilization. With their deep connection to nature and profound wisdom, the Siona, Inga and Cofan people are a paramount example of indigenous resilience and cultural preservation. These tribes possess a deep knowledge of the ecosystem they inhabit. They possess an intimate understanding of the medicinal plants that grow in the rainforest, utilizing them to heal various ailments and maintain their overall well-being. Their extensive knowledge of the rainforest’s biodiversity has earned them the reputation of being guardians of the Amazon.

This cacao is grown by a co-op, composed of families including those of Siona, Cofan and Inga heritage. These are their ancestral lands, lost to the violence, drugs and mining, the people of this land are working hard to leave that in the past. Cacao is an important part of the process, providing new revenue and opportunities.

Our Cacao starts with the growers hand harvesting and fermenting the beans to bring out their rich flavor. They are then sun-dried, to retain all of their valuable nutrients. Once dried, the beans are sent to our factory in San Roque, Antioquia, our community home and 250 acre nature reserve. Here, the ladies sort, slow roast, and stone grind the beans into chocolate. It is then grated for ease of use, and packed in our compostable packaging.

Cacao is naturally full of antioxidants, flavonols and minerals to improve your health and mood.

For many years, we have worked closely with the family of the late Taita Juan Yaiguaje. Yaiguaje in the Siona language means “people of the jaguar”. His wisdom, kindness, commitment to his people and his joy for life will always be remembered. We dedicate a portion of each sale to the Origen Colombia Foundation which goes to help the indigenous communities throughout Colombia. For more information, or how you can help, please visit origencolombiafoundation.org.

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