Why choose
Origen Cacao for your business ?

Quality Unique

Origen Cacao is a small factory, and our products will be a unique and exclusive offering for your clients. Not found everywhere, folks will be intrigued with our flavors and story. 

Commitment to Sustainablity

We honor our commitment to the great Mother Earth with compostable plastic free packaging, all natural organic farming practices, and our work through our Origen Colombia Foundation.  


Ceremonial Cacao

Our ceremonial cacao is loved by practioners for its wonderful taste and beautiful energy.  Easy to use due to its granulated form. Our new sustainable and completely compostable packaging make our cacao a positive choice. 

Cacao Husk Tea

Our Cacao Husk Tea is naturally high in antioxidants, theobromine, magnesium and iron, and completely calorie free. The tea is made from the husks of the cacao bean, a by-product of our chocolate making process.


Asked Questions

For ceremonial cacao and cacao husk tea, the minimum wholesale case is 20 units.  

For chocolate bars, the minimum is a case of 10 bars of one single flavor.  

Ceremonial cacao and cacao husk tea are generally available and ready to ship immediately.  

Chocolate bars are made to order, and your order may take up to a week to prepare. 

All wholesale orders are shipped from Colombia via FedEx to the US, and DHL to Europe/AU.  Shipping time to the US is approximately 3 days, and to Europe/AU about 5 days.  

No taxes or duties are due for US shipments.  All taxes and duties for Europe, AU, or other countries are the sole responsibility of the receiver.  

Please note, our factory is on our farm and EcoVillage which is about an hour from FedEx or DHL.  We do not ship everyday of the week.  

I’m sorry, but we at Origen Cacao do not offer private label services.  We believe the story of the cacao and its growers is very important to tell, as well, we need to ensure our product is packed sustainably. 

Let's talk about

We’d love to chat with you to see how a partnership would benefit all.  Do you have a specialty store, coffee shop, or online business?  Are you a cacao ceremony practictioner?  Send Danielle a message to find out what opportunites await.