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Founded in 2015, Origen Cacao was one of the first organic bean to bar chocolate makers. We aren’t just a chocolate company, we are a spiritual company focusing on helping our farmers and tribes and teaching and sharing our knowledge with you.


Real Chocolate

Our chocolate is made from only the purest ingredients, sourced sustainably and responsibly. We know and love our farmers, and through direct trade are improving the lives and lands of those we work with. Each territory has it own story it’s own history and it’s own unique flavor. 

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Out of a love for the land, and a quest to explore, we have searched Colombia for beautiful cacao. Colombia is full of magical landscapes and amazing people, this creates the unique flavors and aromas of our chocolates. We want to share our love and knowledge with you.

Fair Trade

At Origen Cacao we have worked hard to develop a mutually fair and beneficial relationship with our growers. We pay fair prices for their yield and we stick to the same growers. This ensures the money goes directly to the communities, and we get the best available Cacao for our Chocolate.


We work closely with, and have close ties to many indigenous tribes like the Arhuaco tribe of Putumayo and the Carare of Santander . We believe that by direct trade with premium pricing we can help these communities, and share the story of these generous, beautiful people and their land.


Our Land

Nestled in the Andes mountains, just outside of Medellin, bordered by a river with pure crystal waters and surrounded by tropical flowers, lush landscapes, bamboo forests, and exotic birds, Origen EcoResort is a sanctuary. The only dedicated retreat center within an hour of the city, groups from 6 to 24 can be hosted in our main lodge and eco cabins.

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